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Jetboating Down The Fraser River

Yesterday I went Jet Boating down the Fraser River with my family and my cousins. What fun we had! Our tour guides were from Cariboo Chilcotin Jet Boat Adventures.

Our boat launched from Sheep Creek Bridge which is the major bridge you cross to get from Alexis Creek (where I grew up) to Wiliams Lake around 9:45 am and we travelled all the way down the river to Churn Creek and back again.

The scenery was phenomenol and I would do this again, for sure. I would love to go for more than a day and camp out there along the river!!



We made several stops along the way and saw some cool petroglyphs on the rocks. Some of these may be up to 8,000 years old!



A cute little black bear poked his head up and then ran off up the hill.


This is the bridge across the Fraser that joins Gang Ranch and Empire Valley Ranch.


My good looking sister, Allison!






Iron Canyon




We passed these guys and watched them reel in a six foot long, 200 pound sturgeon!! Nice!!!



This blue heron was standing on the beach, but the best shot I got was when it tried to hide behind the pile of rocks!


This chipmunk was very fun, he ran alongside the boat!


Look closely way up in the left hand corner at the boulder that is purched on top of this sand pedestal. Amazing!!


And another one, that has become a pigeon perch!


Lots of these among the hoodoo sand formations.


A bald eagle.


And back at the Sheep Creek Bridge again!

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