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Fabulous Friday #1

I am going to borrow this idea from [b]ecker who shares his Miscellaneous Mondays with us once a week and try to regularly post my own version which will be Fabulous Fridays.

There are several reasons why Friday is a Fabulous Day – number one being that it is the last work day of the week for most people, and it leads into a wonderful two days off from the regular day job life.

I am hoping to make my Fabulous Friday posts about more than just my excitement for the coming weekend. I hope to use them to reflect on the positives of the week, of the year, and of life in general.

I have had a few days to think about my trip to Florida and I want to thank the fellow photographers that I spent those four days with again. Nothing compares to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, while together sharing a creative outlet such as photography. Each and every one of you that Ihad the chance to talk to, whether it was in depth, or just for a few brief moments, have impacted my life and my business, for the better. I am so unbelievably inspired and excited to move forward with my business and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m very excited to go and visit my horses tonight. Krista sent me a leather halter with a nameplate for my Gazelle for Christmas and I get to try it on her this weekend for the first time. It arrived the day before I left for Tampa, so I am eagerly awaiting the chance to take pictures of her wearing it tomorrow. None of my horses have ever had a leather halter, so I know that Gazelle with indeed strut her stuff!

And finally after four days of searching, the best positive of all this week, my luggage has been FOUND!!! I am so ecstatic about this, I can’t wait to get it back tonight! It is currently waiting for me at the local airport!!

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