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Q: Will you be the actual photographer at our wedding?

A: YES – I am the only photographer at Robyn Louise Photography. All of the images that you see on my website and blog were shot by me, so what you see is what you will get!

Q: How many images will you shoot?

A: It depends on the length of your wedding, but typically I will provide you with 600-800 images from an 8 hour wedding.

Q: What gear do you use?

A: All of the weddings I photograph are shot with professional Nikon digital cameras and I shoot all my images in RAW, which is the largest and purest file format.

Q: What is required to book our wedding photography with you?

A: In order to secure your wedding photography date with Robyn Louise Photography, I require a signed and dated Client Services Agreement and a $1000 non-refundable retainer.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: The easiest way for you to make payments is through an Email Interac Money Transer. You simply send me money from your online banking account to Other forms of payment can be with cash, cheque, money order, or credit card through

Q: When is the balance of our payment due?

A: The balance of your payment is divided into two parts; the first half is due four months before your wedding date and the last half is due one month before your wedding.

Q: Can we make monthly payments?

A: Of course! If this is something that you would like to do I would be happy to set this up for you. Monthly payments can be made through an Email Interac Money Transfer, with cash, post dated cheques, or on your credit card through

Q: How long should we allow for photos?

A: For the formal pictures, it really depends on how big your family is and whether we are photographing; just your immediate family or your entire family with all of your long lost cousins, too! In general, 3 to 5 minutes are needed per group to take into account such factors as locating someone who left to get a drink, gathering large groups together for a photograph, and getting elderly guests or children into position.

Following the family photos, we will spend another half an hour with your bridal party doing something fun: such as running on the beach or exploring the grounds of your wedding location. Finally, we need at least an hour of alone time with just the Bride and Groom.

Q: Why do you require this special “alone time” with the Bride & Groom?

A: It has been my experience that when it comes time to shoot candid photos of the Bride and Groom, many people tend to follow and try to shoot their own pictures over my shoulder, but this hour of time is a private shoot of the Bride and Groom. With others around, the couple gets distracted and the interaction isn’t as genuine as it could be. During this session there should be only three people present: the Bride, the Groom, and myself. This allows the two of you to relax and gives you and your new spouse a little time alone together, to reflect on your new status as husband and wife, before heading off to the reception and your guests. This is often when the natural emotions that you may have been holding back all day emerge, and provides me with the ultimate opportunity to ensure the best product for you!

Q: Will our friends and family be allowed to take pictures at the wedding?

Your friends and family are excited to attend your wedding and will want to take pictures, as well. As long as your guests try not to block my view or prevent me from capturing an image, this is fine!

Q: Any other tips you have to maximize photo time?

A: The biggest recommendation I can make is to assign someone in your family who knows everyone, and have that person heard all your family together for the formal photos. The more organized everyone is, the easier the formal photo process will be as well.

Q: When will we see our images?

A: Your images will be ready to view in an online web gallery approximately five weeks from your wedding day (or after all outstanding payments on your account are made).

Q: Can I post the pictures you take on Facebook and MySpace or email them to my friends?

A: Of course – TAG AWAY!! Any pictures that I post onto my blog can be used by you on Facebook and MySpace or emailed to your friends and family. All of your images will be provided in low-resolution format with my logo in the bottom right hand corner for you to share with your friends and family on your DVD disc.

Q: Can we order additional prints, albums, or other products from you?

A: Absolutely! You can order prints, DVD slideshows, canvas, and albums at