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I’m It

I’ve been tagged in a game being played in the blogosphere. A blogger gets tagged by another blogger and then has to tell 8 things about themselves and then tag other people. Andree Kehn from Maine tagged me. She and I have been roommates at a couple of photo excursions… in San Antonio and Las Vegas, both earlier this year. I really wish she was coming to Tampa in January, but she’s gonna be doing a Bridal Show instead. Gotta book them weddings!

So here goes – eight random things you wanna know about me!!

1.) I went to school to breed horses. I spent two years at Olds College in Alberta in the Equine Production and Breeding Management course. I can AI both horses and cows!!

2.) I grew up in the country and will always, always be a country girl at heart. There’s something to say for all the wide open spaces at my parents place, and just the thought of it makes me smile. I love it out there!

3.) The happiest day of my life was when I was fifteen years old.. April 16th, 1998. The day that my horse Legs was born!! She was born in the middle of the night and my Dad and I went down to the barn to check on her Mom, Lucky, and there she was! I remember it was like it was yesterday. She is, and always will be my favourite horse. She’s my firstborn!

4.) When I was twelve, I got my two front teeth knocked out AND ran three fingers on my left hand through the table saw at school in shop class!

5.) My horses have a website. How funny is that?

6.) My favourite sandwiches are peanut butter and banana!

7.) I spent eleven years in 4-H when I was growing up. And I wouldn’t trade what I learned or the friends and memories I made, for anything in the world. I even took my heifer, Abby, to Toronto to the Royal Agricutural Winter Fair one November!

8.) I want to go to Africa and take pictures of the animals and the beaches!! It’s gonna happen in 2009, thats my goal!

Now here are the people I am tagging!

Dean Aceto

Nancy Hellsten

Bryan and Melody

Chris Purdum

Shovel Sauce

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