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Three More Things Done!

This weekend was a very successful one regarding the 101 things that I plan to do in the next 1001 days.

Saturday morning I had my final dentist appointment for my new teeth! I now have a bridge for three of my front teeth, and you would never even know it. This has been an ongoing saga since my 12th Birthday Party when I had my teeth knocked out on the school bus…. with a toy camera. And, now I can happily say that I have new teeth!!

My mom and I just hiked the Junction Sheep Range with eight others from Alexis Creek. We had a great day and although it was quite cool, the scenery was still great!

Pictures will follow very soon!

And last week, I rented August Rush – now one of my favourite movies. It was indeed brilliant!

1. Get an iPhone
2. Ride Gazelle over a 3’6” jump
3. Go to Africa
4. Get control of my weight
5. Breed Legs to Phantast
6. Breed Legs to Portland L
7. Go to Mexico
8. Go to Europe
9. Go to the Dominican Republic
10. Create a Horse Day Planner
11. Create a Horse Calendar
12. Sell Day Planner / Calendar at Spruce Meadows
13. Book a Wedding for $5000 and sell products on top of that
14. Get an office space to meet clients
15. Have my pictures displayed in an art show
16. Run in a 5K
17. Blog every day for a month
18. Buy an Epson storage device
19. Buy a Nikon 17-55mm lens
20. Buy a Nikon 70-200mm lens
21. Get a custom blog
22. Read Shogun
23. Take a cruise to Alaska
24. Read more Terry Brooks
25. Get $10,000 in savings in the bank
26. Go on a train trip
27. Buy a D300
28. Pay my vet bill
29. Ride Gazelle
30. Pay off my American Express
31. Breed Gazelle
32. Read “Get the Sugar Out” by Anne Louise Gittleman
33. See “August Rush”
34. Go fishing at Owen Lake
35. Go flying with Michael
36. Go to the headwaters of Big Creek
37. Go to Hunlin Falls
38. Go on a packtrip in the mountains
39. Get a corgi
40. Hike the Junction Sheep Range at Farwell Bridge
41. Read Horse Heaven
42. Cook a Turkey Dinner
43. Quit biting my nails
44. Get a pedicure
45. Buy and wear a little black dress to some function
46. Practice yoga three times a week
47. Meditate every day for a month
48. Win a major Photo Competition
49. Shoot a wedding in Italy
50. Get Engaged
51. Shoot 20 weddings in 2008
52. Walk 10,000 steps a day for a month
53. Buy a Mac Pro computer
54. Develop two local vendor relationships that refer me exclusively
55. Shoot one wedding a year for free
56. Visit the Kentucky Horse Park
57. Photograph the horses at Spruce Meadows from inside the International Ring
58. Have a photo article published in Pacific Horse
59. Buy a very thick duvet and get rid of the other blankets on my bed
60. Take an amazing photo of everyone in my family
61. Stay positive
62. Laugh every day for a year
63. Get my teeth fixed
64. Shoot a wedding where bride and groom get married on horseback
65. Publish a book
66. Practice The Secret daily
67. Develop five affirmations and say them to myself every day for a month
68. Only keep positive friends
69. See Garth Brooks in Concert
70. See a movie in the theatre once a month
71. Learn to like fine wine
72. Canoe around the Bowron Lakes
73. Develop a personal budget and stay within it
74. Be more active on the OSP and Craigs Forums
75. Take an Investment in Excellence course
76. Shoot cowboys and their horses in the mountains
77. Complete a personal photography project
78. Get a website for my horse photos
79. Sell ten fine art horse prints
80. Read five more Bryce Courtenay books
81. Complete my family Tree
82. Write a book on my family tree for all of my family members
83. Eat vegetarian for one week
84. Send out vendor thank yous to six vendors from 2008 weddings
85. Go camping with Gert
86. Go to Timothy Lake twice in 2008
87. Join a walking club
88. Eat pizza in Italy
89. Print three large canvases of my horses
90. Develop a high end logo and web presence
91. Read a book on Photoshop
92. Take a Photoshop courses for photographers
93. Attend WPPI
94. Shoot in Australia with David Williams
95. Watch a funny movie once a week for three months
96. Prepare a five course gourmet meal
97. Attend an Anne Monteith workshop
98. Attend the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver
99. Write a book review on Amazon
100. Be excited about life
101. Start a new list on August 6, 2010

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