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Update on the Dogs

Both dogs went home last night with my Dad. And YES they will live inside for the next month, or two, or three, until they are no longer happy to be inside, and want to go out.

My Dad said when he got them home last night at around 8pm both of them were quite anxious, which you cannot blame them for. The last experience they had a home was not a pleasant one.

Neither have had surgery yet, but will need that next week. The vets want to wait until the swelling goes down in their heads.

Minnie has some neurological damage, but they think the swelling may be causing it but, if it does not go away (the damage) they do not want to do surgery at all. I think she is basically fine. While we were waiting for my Dad last night, I had her on a leash and we did a bunch of laps around the vet’s parking lot. She was trotting along, wagging her tail with her mouth open and her ears pricked………….. but, when we stop, she does not put her left front foot down properly. She bends it forward and stands on the top of her paw, without knowing it, as she apparently cannot feel it. The same happens when they test her back left paw, she does not feel the discomfort.

They also found another big wound on her side (her hair is so long they did not feel it before) it is C shaped, so I think definitely a claw mark, about 2-3 inches long but not very deep.

Curly is okay too. It was quite funny because when my Dad opened the car door, she just hopped up onto the front passenger seat, turned around, sat down and looked out the window because she was ready to go!

We looked at both sets of xrays and it is incredible how both sets are almost IDENTICAL. Both dogs have fractures on their foreheads, and a bone chip towards the top / back.

Curly is on five differnet meds, and Minnie is on four. Some once a day, twice, a day, three times a day, etc. Antibiotics, Pain Killers, Anti inflammatories….. the list goes on and on.

My mom is staying home from work today to look after them, and we will all be home on the weekend. My dad will be around for the first half of next week, and then after that they will most likely go back to the vet for surgery.

And so, that is the story. It will be a very long road ahead, but I think they will be okay. Curly for sure, I just hope Minnie fully recovers. I am not a dog person, I love these dogs to death, but… I am a cat person at heart……. but there is something extrememly special about my Min and I would be truly devestated, and never personally own a dog, if she does not make it through this.

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