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Another Update on the Dogs

Both dogs made it through the surgery and had their bone chips removed and fractures cleaned up. When I was at the vet last night, they had just finished with Minnie and she was just waking up and she was howling… she was not very happy. They gave her some morphine and said she would be okay…. I hope.

The main battle was the surgery though as her system does not agree with anesthetic, so the vets are very optimistic.

Apparently Minnie has some neurological damage to her left eye and does not blink it. This is a result of the major hole on the right side of her head. Instead of blinking her eye, her third eyelid comes up to cover her eye to protect it. This is how a snake blinks. The vet said if this was going to cause a problem it already would have and the only thing we will have to watch for is that her eye does not get too dry if it is a really windy day.

Her left front paw is okay, and as long as she does not start to drag it and injure it, that should not be a problem… we hope.

Curly bounced back right after the surgery as per normal and was only upset when she heard how upset Minnie was.

Both dogs are full of drains and stitches and we are not allowed to flush out the drains as the pockets they are leading to are quite close to their brains. The stitches have to come out in two weeks, but not before. They will both still be on heavy duty meds for at least ten more days, maybe longer.

So that is the scoop. I will take some more pictures this weekend and post them to my blog on Sunday.

Thanks again for your good dog thoughts!

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