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Doggy Update

Both dogs are full of stitches, but stitches are better than the holes they used to have! Minnie has two drains in her head, and Curly has one in her head and one in her side.

They took a lot of bone out of Curly’s head, several chips and two 1 x 1-1/2in chunks….eek.

Minnie had a couple chunks pulled out and a bunch of chips too, and her one right eye is pulled back a bit to get the hole over her sinuses to close… but the vet says that will relax. She looks like she has just had plastic surgery! haha.

My mom is coming to town today to pick them up around 11 and then they will be home again for a few weeks until the stitches need to come out.

I will take pictures tomorrow and post them… Minnie actually looks worse now almost… as half her side and belly are shaved so that they could get all of her little nicks stitched up….. but…. they will both be okay 🙂

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